I for one am not a part of the whole hatred bandwagon. People need to stop being so damn ignorant. Wishing death and pain upon Dzhokhar will do you nothing. First of all he is only a suspect. You all have no personal information on what really happened. Stop jumping to conclusions and wait until he is spoken to and asked about what he knows. He may be innocent for all we know, as crazy as it may sound. He is human afterall, hes 19 years old, not much older than I. His friends and family advocate for him being a good person, he had dreams, currently studied medicine in college, was an athlete in highschool, had people that cared about him, hes HUMAN. Imagine it were you, possibly being set up, running from the law, afraid, wanting your life back. I’m not saying he should be freed or that he is innocent, I am saying that no conclusion should be made until the FACTS are out. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty. Put your moral saying to the test America and give this guy a chance to present his side of the story. If he did it then he will get his deserved punishment, and thats that. Hes either guilty or not, we’ll find out soon.

Be free of ignorance 

Act with good will and your brains…not your egos

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    i’d actually have to agree with this i’d like to know why the heck all of this happen. not saying he’s innocent either...
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